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  • @KOSPET Official 

    I really hope to be able to have a smartwatch whose strength is already military standard...but I am disappointed and traumatized after using the KOSPET TANK M1 ...only two weeks of use it immediately died completely only because when it rained heavily I still wore the Kospet TANK M1

  • @Joank Hyouga Hello dear, we are sorry for the unexpected problem.
    KOSPET TANK M1 is indeed certified to military standards.
    We are sorry for the problem with your feedback that the watch dies after a rainy day. Please contact our after-sales team (after-sales@kospet.com), we will handle and solve it for you. Please do not worry!

  • @KOSPET Official 

    yes, I have done that and I have also received a replacement today Tuesday 07/06/2022...but I am very worried and traumatized by the quality of the KOSPET TANK M1 which has military standards...at such a price in Indonesia that price is already entry is expensive...and I really hope it's true...but what I feel is very, very disappointing...so I won't use KOSPET TANK M1...I'm worried if I use KOSPET TANK M1 again and it breaks again. ..I find it difficult to claim the warranty from Kospet...or even the 1 year warranty ends and in the end I can't claim the warranty anymore if my KOSPET TANK M1 is damaged and completely dead again...hopefully this will be a lesson for those who want to use a watch smarter than made kospet

  • @KOSPET Official 

    and this watch, whether you like it or not, satisfied, dissatisfied, in the end, my KOSPET TANK M1 will only be used like a cheap watch with ordinary standards... I will not dare to try again the strength that is claimed by the KOSPET TANK M1 that this watch is strong against all kinds of things. situations and conditions in the wild....because they only face the rain, they get damaged and eventually die completely...it's really very disappointing that it doesn't match the ads and my expectations

  • @Joank Hyouga

    Hello dear, we are sorry again for your problem.

    KOSPET is now upgraded to 2 years warranty. Please don't worry even if the warranty period is exceeded, if there is any problem, we will still serve every customer and help every customer to solve the problem.

    KOSPET TANK M1 is military certified standard, before handing over the product to every customer, we will go through strict quality inspection and every function will be tested strictly. Guaranteed product quality, etc.

    There are many different factors for malfunctions to occur. For your feedback about the malfunction after a rainy day, you can return the watch to us and we will cover the return shipping cost this time. We will analyze the exact real cause of the malfunction and then give you feedback and make an explanation for you. Thank you.

  • @KOSPET Official @joank hyouga is it true what you experienced...if the rain caused it to die completely, I was hesitant to buy this M1 tank, fortunately I haven't bought it after seeing your review on YouTube so I'm worried thank you for sharing your experience after using the M1 tank

  • @KOSPET Official is it true that the two-year warranty period has passed but the boarding house still wants to be responsible for the damage to your product, and what conditions must be met if it turns out that after more than two years of use and damage occurs, what should the user do for a claim from the kospe, thank you

  • @Erna Wati you are welcome...yes that my experience while im using kospet tank M1 

  • @KOSPET Official I didn't have time to send the damaged item... my question is is it true after the warranty period has passed after 2 years and my KOSPET TANK M1 is damaged again, you will replace it with a new one again... or are there complicated requirements for me  can get back the guarantee from the Kospet...thanks

  • @Erna Wati Hello Erna Wati, thank you for your interest in KOSPET.
    There may be various reasons for the failure, and we are contacting the user to return the watch for comprehensive analysis and inspection. KOSPET TANK M1 is 5ATM & IP69K waterproof. Each device has been professionally tested for waterproofing before it goes out.
    KOSPET has been upgraded to two-year warranty. If it exceeds the maintenance period, if there is a problem with the equipment, our after-sales team will also assist you to solve it, please don't worry. We will provide corresponding solutions according to the problems and faults to guide customers to solve them. KOSPET will always serve customers : )

  • @Joank Hyouga If you have time, please return it, we will conduct a comprehensive analysis based on the returned product and give the customer an explanation. Thanks!
    About the warranty service, we upgraded from 1 year to 2 years of service. If the product is purchased within 2 years, we will provide corresponding solutions according to the user's problems. However, if it exceeds the 2-year warranty period, we will also serve customers, and we will also provide solutions based on equipment problems, but this may require corresponding maintenance fees. Please understand that.

  • what benefits do I get if I send the completely dead M1 tank kospet to you.... while it will take a lot of time and money to follow your wishes.. just yesterday I spent 5 dollars on taxes and other fees ...if there is a Kospet in Indonesia, I will be happy to send the damaged item. I will find it difficult to get a replacement...because I'm worried that if it breaks again then the Kospet party will definitely think that I have bad intentions towards KOSPET....for God's sake I'm just telling the truth and without the slightest thing that I engineered

  • Even now, I don't dare to use it anymore... I just kept my KOSPET TANK M1 in the box... I didn't even take the screen guard off

  • Even now, I don't dare to use it anymore... I just kept my KOSPET TANK M1 in the box... I didn't even take the screen guard off

  • @Joank Hyouga Hello Joank Hyouga, When you feedback after-sales questions, our after-sales team colleagues will understand your problems at the first time, and then answer and send new watches for you as solution. You also agree. You also communicated with us amicably in the email and solved the whole problem.

    We feedback that you return the watch because we need to analyze and detect the cause of the failure. Because the failure factors are multifaceted. If you can return it, we will give you an explanation after testing and analysis. An explanation for all users who can see this post. We are also willing to bear the associated return shipping costs. Thanks.

  • @KOSPET Official Where was the product sent...and how is the refund process for the shipping fee...I also have no bad intentions...because the boarding house is responsible for replacing a new damaged unit...and what if the new unit I received  accept that it was damaged again after 2 weeks of use, will it be made easier by replacing a new unit as before.... I also have good intentions towards the kospet party because the kospet party also responded well to my complaint

  • @Joank Hyouga About your new watch, we also go through strict quality inspection before sending it. If you have any problems in subsequent use, our after-sales team will still help you solve the problem. KOSPET will always serve customers. do not worry. Please use it carefully, thank you.

  • @KOSPET Official ok i will use my KOSPET TANK M1 again...and I hope your words are true...and I will review again on social media about your promise and the sophistication of the features of the Kospet TANK M1

  • @KOSPET Official but why is the way of installing the screenguard from just now is not perfect like this..a lot of air bubbles when installing the screen guard that isn't perfect..gives a bad first impression...hope this is a concern for kospet...from trivial things  KOSPET doesn't pay attention to this problem

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