5 Ways to Reduce Daily Stress with KOSPET

Can you cope with stress as well as you used to? For many folks, it gets harder and harder these days. In practice, stress belongs to a physiological phenomenon that can be observed and measured rather than a vague feeling of being exhausted, anxious or overwhelmed.

When you are under physical, mental or emotional stress, your body releases a complex mix of hormones and chemicals. Such release increases the risks for chronic disease, to which the body has been more vulnerable after a lifetime of wear and tear.

Thankfully data collected by your KOPSET smartwatch regarding self-monitoring can scientifically evaluate your daily physical state. The lower the data, the more active the body functions. Otherwise, it demonstrates the body is in a high-loaded state and requires more rest for recovery.

Nevertheless stress is not necessarily adverse. Positive stress helps you further concentrate on work and accomplish tasks, and high-level stress may indicate that something thrilling in your life is about to happen. Negative stress, on the other hand,  triggers anxiety and discomfort, making you less energetic and hindering your performance.

Since both types of stress are inescapable, we never aim to eliminate stress but to manage it while seeking the balance between stress and recovery, followed by 5 simple tips。

1. Keep fit.

It is widely acknowledged that regular exercises and moderate fitness activities can produce physiological adaptations that enhance your body’s ability to handle stress. For instance, the Yoga involved in the Sports Mode of your KOSPET smartwatch enables you to stay less stressed.

2. Enjoy Smoothing music.

Contrary to loud noise, pleasing music can help you remain calm as well as relaxed. By enabling the Music Control on your KOSPET wearable, you are allowed to be more absorbed and engaged in the sounds you are hearing.

3. Get enough sleep.

One of the best ways to mitigate stress is to get at least seven hours of sleep per day. To assess your overall sleep quality, you can wear your KOSPET smartwatch at night, after which your sleep will be scored in terms of sleep regularity, sleep duration, including the amount of deep sleep and awakening hours per night and other factors.

4. Control your breathing.

Though autonomous nervous system is basically out of your control, still you cam influence the vagus nerve by controlling your breath. Select KOSPET smartwatches that guide you through different breathing techniques so as to help relieve stress.

5. Conduct positive self-talk.

If you praise and support yourself instead of doubting yourself, it also helps to lower stress. There are a number of positive self-talk expressions, such as “You can make it. You’re smart and strong and you’ve done bigger things before. Even if things don’t work out, you’re doing your best."

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