Five Tips to Exercise Safely in the Heat with KOSPET


Five Tips to Exercise Safely in the Heat with KOSPET

Although summer just went by, many of us likely expose ourselves to more warm and even hot weather over the autumn. Nonetheless, there’s no need to feel anxious at all. By harnessing your compatible KOSPET smartwatch, you are capable of exercising safely in warm temperatures.


  1. Stay hydrated.

Water is undoubtedly your best companion which helps you stay hydrated on a hot day. If you intend to work out for over an hour, you may need to drink sports drinks. They are of vital importance when it comes to exercising for long periods of time, particularly in the heat, because they can rehydrate and replenish your body with adequate potassium and electrolytes.


  1. Wear lightweight clothing.

While working out outdoors, go for clothing made of cotton, a light and affordable material with which you can stay dry. Besides, opt for bright-colored shirts and shorts since they reflect the sunlight, making you more visible to surrounding traffic. If you are ready to spend more time outdoors, try with sweat-wicking outfits.  


  1. Timing is the key.

Given that the hottest time of the day is from 10 am to 3 pm, consider exercising either before or after the time slot, so long as you plan to do it outdoors. What makes an early morning workout an ideal option in the hot weather is that it can prepare you for the day and render you energetic, making it a win-win situation.


  1. Work out indoors.

There’s nothing wrong with whether you choose to exercise indoors at the gym or at home (as long as you have the equipment), which can be one of the best ways to keep cool and avoid a heat-related injury in the middle of your workout, even on days when there is an excessive heat warning.


  1. Know your limits.

Exercising in warm conditions, as is known to all, places additional strain on your body, hence it is extremely crucial to know your limits. Take it easy and give yourself a break whenever you feel dizzy, nauseous or fatigued. Always keep in mind that heat does impact your workout, so there is no point in forcing yourself. Instead, make an endeavor to take regular breaks to calm yourself down.


Once the heat is proven too excessive for your workout, split it into several smaller segments throughout the day. This allows your body to rest and refuel without risking your fitness and workout goals.


One of the best smartwatches out there to monitor your body:

Thanks to its leading optical heart rate sensor, KOSPET MAGIC 3S keeps close track of your health during your workout with the following features:

  • All-day Heart Rate Monitor
  • Measurement of Body Temperature
  • Blood Pressure Monitoring
  • Blood Oxygen Monitoring
  • Accurate Steps Count

Meanwhile, the KOSPET GTO embraces advanced fitness support:

  • 30+ Sports Modes
  • IP68 Waterproof
  • 15-day Battery Life
  • Breathing Exercises
  • SleepTracking

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