Immerse Yourself in Australian Open with KOSPET

As the first tournament of the four Grand Slam tennis events held annually, the 2023 Australian Open takes place in Melbourne, Australia from January 16th to 29th,. It is this splendid sporting event in the Southern Hemisphere that displays how you can excel in your everyday life by harnessing the superior KOSPET smartwatch(es).


The features below embraced by KOSPET smartwatches help you to stay focused not only on the world-class tennis tournament, but on your outdoor explorations and health altogether.


KOSPET Android Series: Never miss out any captivating moment.


With the 2.4-inch HD display, KOSPET NOTEallows you to indulge in high-profile matches played by outstanding tennis players during the Australian Open this year. For one thing, its liquid-crystal display from Sharp features a resolution of 480*640 and a pixel density of up to 333ppi, which delivers mind-blowing visual experience. For another, the KOSPET NOTE can be unlocked with a simple glance as it enables fast facial recognition, in order that you can embrace each and every thrilling tennis moment.

What makes KOSPET NOTE a next-level Android smartwatch is that it turns into a mobile phone once a Nana SIM card is inserted into it. To top it off, its massive storage of its 3GB RAM and 32GB memory enables you to enjoy games brought by your favorite tennis player. Last but not least, not only does KOSPET NOTE run the majority of Google Apps, it also relieves your low-battery anxiety thanks to its phenomenal 2,000mAh battery.


KOSPET Rugged Series: Super-tough in every situation.


The beginning of the year is particularity fit for outdoor sports and activities, including tennis, cycling, running and so forth. To start with, KOSPET TANK T2supports as many as 70 sports modes with smart recognition of 6. Besides, the smartwatch even serves to secure your adventures in the wild, because it has met standards of MIL-STD-810H testing used to determine if a product can withstand the effects of difficult environmental conditions, such as extreme temperatures, vibration, shock, damp heat, low pressure, etc.

TANK T2, which is built out of high-strength metal, adopts an AMOLED display that supports always-on time display and boasts 5ATM and IP69K waterproof. With just a single switch, it enables Bluetooth calling with HIFI audio quality. To top if off, the wearable supports all-day health monitoring and ultra-long battery life of 15 days for daily use. On the whole, TANK T2 is a reliable companion in terms of your outdoor adventures.


KOSPET Fashion Series: A healthy leap forward.


When it comes to selecting a smartwatch that marries stylish and lightweight design with exceptional features at a reasonable price, KOSPET MAGIC 4is definitely among the best options. The wearable, which houses an exquisite 3D curved display, exhibits high contrast and excellent color reproduction.

Empowered by the advanced HRS3300 heart rate sensor, the smartwatch tracks your heart rate in real time alongside a heart rate alert. Besides, MAGC 4 tracks and assesses your sleep quality when you put it on during your sleep outdoors.

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