Sincerest Thanks for All KOSPET Supporters

In the spirit of the lovely season of autumn, we would love to express our heartfelt thanks to all of our beloved customers who not only make our growth possible but worthwhile.


Since KOSPET was established in 2018, we have adhered to technological innovation as the cornerstone and our mission to manufacture highly desirable smartwatches. KOSPET has to date introduced multiple distinctive outdoor Rugged smartwatches, along with 4G Android and fitness smartwatches, which has been providing fresh impetus for the international smartwatch industry.


KOSPET launched HOPE in 2018, the world’s first 4G Android smartwatch with massive 3GB+32GB capacity, followed by PRIME, the first 4G Android smartwatch in 2019. It was in 2020 that PRIME 2 came out as the world’s first 4G Android smartwatch with a rotatable camera. One year later, the international smartwatch market witnessed the release of the first Rugged outdoor smartwatch, namely the ROCK.


During the Gulf Information Technology Exhibition (GITEX) in 2022, KOSPET joined forces with AL-Tawheed Group, the most renowned brand distributor in the Middle East to first introduce TANK M2 and TANK T2, two newly developed smartwatches tested to U.S. MIL-STD-810H.


After participating in the world’s third most influential and the most notable consumer computer and electronics expo in the Middle East, we are further convinced of our aim to make us among the top-tier global smartwatch brands, the ecological chain of which is acknowledged and embraced by each and every customer.


In terms of our corporate value, KOSPET strives to deliver exceptional user-oriented products and service, while creating long-term value for our partners. Today KOSPET smartwatches can not only be seen in major e-commerce platforms with our annual sales in millions, we have also established profound partnerships with associates from over 70 countries all over the world.


Looking ahead, KOSPET will continue to highlight outdoor sports, stay focused on user demand and keep improving product experience, so as to fulfill the needs of more specific groups in broader sports scenes.


We are certain that the road to success is paved with many obstacles and challenges. Yet thanks to awesome customers like you, we are ready to face them head-on. Once again we are more than willing to send a huge THANK YOU and may every day as joyful as you deserve.

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